Les Vins Bonhomme

Valencia, Spain

Fun, value-driven wines of exceptional quality

“I believed that somehow, somewhere a land with an ideal climate and a perfect soil, raised high towards the sun on a plateau of gently rolling plains was waiting for me. Spain: where I am free to cultivate from the essence of its very heart and soul a wine without compare or compromise. My field of dreams. Nothing is as inspiring as a dream pursued, nor more authentic than one realized.”

This is what made a Canadian girl pick up, pack up, and move to Spain with nothing more than her savings and a love of fine wines in her pocket. It wasn’t the money, nor the promise of success. It was part of her endless search for the authentic that made Nathalie Bonhomme a successful winemaker and export director extraordinaire.

Her award winning range of wines are made with a fabulous team of winemakers and small family growers from the most interesting corners of Spain. Discover Les Vins Bonhomme, where new world meets old world and the allure of Spanish terroir is brought to life in your glass.