Bleasdale Vineyards

Langhorne Creek, Australia

Bleasdale Vineyards is Australia's second oldest family owned winery. Established in 1850 by English migrant Frank Potts, Bleasdale is owned and operated by fifth generation members of the Potts family, and is located in the picturesque Langhorne Creek Region of South Australia. The vineyards are situated on the fertile flood-plains of the Bremer River which runs parallel to Langhorne Creek.

Conditions for grape growing in Langhorne Creek are ideal thanks to the natural fertility of the floodplain soils, the ability of those soils to retain moisture from natural winter floods, and the moderation of the local climate by cooling evening breezes from nearby Lake Alexandrina and the Southern Ocean in summer. Langhorne Creek experiences relatively low annual rainfall, so supplementary drip irrigation is used to provide the vines with every opportunity to produce optimal fruit. The soils for Bleasdale’s vineyards range from well drained, alluvial soils to brown loams over limestone. In 2011, Bleasdale began sourcing Chardonnay, Pinot Gris and Sauvignon Blanc from the cooler Adelaide Hills region, and has quickly built a reputation for quality and value white wines.

The philosophy of the Bleasdale winemaking team is to capture the essence of what makes Langhorne Creek red wines so attractive – vibrancy, harmony and texture. Cabernet Sauvignon has elegance and captivating depth of flavour, Shiraz is a ripe fruit style with refined cool climate spice elements and Malbec is perfumed and finely structured. Bleasdale is rich in history and producing some of Australia’s most exciting, consistently impressive premium wines. Whether it is a Sparkling Shiraz, a single vineyard Malbec or the Frank Potts Cabernet, it conveys a story in the glass that substantiates its history, diversity and increasingly, its pedigree.