Alsace Willm

Alsace, France

Alsace Willm Estate Winery was founded in 1896 in the town of Barr, France (South of Strasbourg), along the well known Route du Vin d’Alsace. Owner of the famous Clos Gaensbroennel, the vineyard famed for producing one of the world’s best Gewurztraminer wines, Maison Willm has always been concerned with revealing the best of its terroirs and sharing its exceptional wines with the whole world. Willm owns two outstanding Grand Cru properties, The Kirchberg de Barr and the Clos Gaensbronnel, and produces a wide selection of still and sparkling wines.

Protected by the Vosges mountains to the west, the Alsace Willm vineyards experience a unique microclimate, receiving a shielding effect from the dense westerly rain clouds, resulting in ample daytime sun. The soils are for the most part granitic and clay-calcareous, which imparts freshness and finesse to the wines. The vineyard practices both sustainable and integrated farming, which means finding the perfect balance between the vines, the soils and the climate.

Alsace Willm wines offer a unique and complex aromatic experience with distinctive mineral aspects, preserving the clean and fresh characters of the fruit. Today, Alsace Willm produces a wide selection of top flight Alsacian wines, still and sparkling, as well as the Grands Crus, from its Domaine.